It's Time to Play! Montessori Kids in the Kitchen

Piccoli Chef. Montessori Kids in the kitchen

The Benefits of Cooking With Your Children

“DON’T PLAY WITH YOUR FOOD!” How many times we were told not to play with food when we were children? The truth is that letting your kiddos participate in cooking activities may help developing their independence, confidence, critical thinking, problem-solving, coordination and creativity

Having your little one help with meal prep is a great activity for kids of all ages. Sure, every age has a particular set of age-appropriate challenges, but children's natural curiosity and desire for independence make it a perfect stage of development for them to begin exploring in the kitchen -with supervision and guidance.


A memory-making, skill-building, family experience

Why is cooking with children such a great activity?
When toddlers are engaged in food prep they are stimulating their senses for learning. Here are some examples of just a few additional skills they will develop by cooking:
  • Fine motor skills (pincer grasp, scooping)
  • Mealtime skills (pouring, tasting)
  • Gross motor skills (reaching, sitting)
  • Language skills (food vocabulary, following directions)
  • Play skills (solitary play,  imaginary play)
  • Social skills (manners, turn-taking)

So if you are looking for more ways to entertain your toddler, work on language skills and motor skills, build confidence and foster enthusiasm for healthy eating...


Gather your little helpers, grab your ully® Learning Tower, and let the fun begin! Cooking together will achieve all that and more...


mobli® chocolate mug cake for cooking with your children


  • 2 tbs chocolate powder
  • 4 tbs flour
  • 3 tbs sugar
  • 1/2 tsp. baking powder
  • 1 egg
  • 4 tbs vegetable oil
  • 4 tbs milk
  • Chocolate Chips (as many as you want!)


1. MIX
    • In a large mug, place all the dry ingredients first and mix well with a spoon.
    • Then add the egg and beat it a little on top of the dry ingredients to break the yolk. Add oil & milk and mix again using the spoon to grind all of the cocoa against the side of the cup so there are no lumps. 
    • Finish with some chocolate chips or other yummy toppings.

    2. COOK
    • Microwave in high for about 2 minutes. The dough will rise quickly and may even come out a little, don't worry, it's normal.
      3. SERVE
        • Just wait in front of your microwave with your spoon ready! Let it warm for a few minutes and serve warm with your favorite TOPPING!

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          Age-appropriate ideas for food preparation/cooking

          Here are some great ideas to get even the youngest children involved in the kitchen. Ages are to give an indication only. Always supervise children.

          Under 1 year old

          • Just having them at the height of the counter top so they can observe what is going on – watching, touching, tasting, smelling and talking with them about what you are doing-
          • Let them participate in simple activities: washing salad leaves or fruit is a great way to start!

          1 – 2 years old

          • Spreading crackers or toast
          • Peeling and slicing fruit, eg, bananas
          • Egg peeling and slicing
          • Adding and mixing ingredients
          • Kneading dough
          • Pouring water for drinking (have a sponge or cloth nearby for spills)
          • Helping to set the table
          • Asking your child to help get different things out of the cupboards as you need them

          2-3 years old

          • Squeezing orange juice
          • Peeling and cutting apples with an apple slicer/corer
          • Peeling and slicing vegetable (always supervise using a knife, start with a butter knife and softer vegetables like cucumber)
          • Using a hand whisk
          • Making lemon water to drink – squeeze lemon slices and place them in a jug of water
          • Preparing cereal for breakfast
          • Spinning salad
          • Tearing lettuce for salad
          • Peeling onions and garlic

          3+ years

          • Using kitchen appliances with supervision
          • Using scales and measuring ingredients with measuring cups and spoons
          • More advanced knife skills
          • Following simple recipes with you
          • Pretty much anything you can think of, but simplified!
          So we hope you really enjoy cooking with your little one and we wish you a happy learntertainment!

            Bon Appétit!

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